Food # 5 – Spinach
Like all green leafy vegetables, spinach provides iron and zinc. These minerals are essential for your body to give birth to new cells and for existing cells to receive the oxygen they need to breathe to stay alive and healthy. When we stop consuming the foods that contain them, hair growth stops and the strands become brittle. As time passes, the hair follicle detaches from the scalp and the rest is history.
Food # 6 – Lentils
With a serving of lentils, you’re giving your body half the daily dose of iron it needs, among other things, for your hair to grow at the speed you want it to and, of course, with all the beauty you hope it will bring to your personal image.
Food # 7 – Tomatoes
A diet that incorporates tomatoes will bring you excellent benefits in the growth of your hair. But that’s not all with this versatile red fruit, as it also stimulates the generation of more hair if you apply it as a hair mask, directly in contact with your scalp.